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It's Finally Here, and a Celebratory Giveaway!

It has to be said that there's something incredibly special about holding a book you've written in your hands. It's even more special when the road to getting it to this point has been incredibly rocky - this book wasn't an easy one to write, something which I briefly go into in the introduction. A large chunk of it was written during the first lockdown and during that time I started having a lot of issues with my eyes - I became really quite concerned that the issues I was having was to do with my type 1 diabetes, but a whole bunch of tests later and it seems like it's actually nothing to do with that and is either dry eyes OR to do with the old squint I had operated on when I was little. And then there was the editing. Oh my GOD, the editing. It got to a point where we had to re-edit the entire thing with about...I think it was something daft like less than a month until the manuscript was due. There were legitimately points where I thought the book would never get finished (something I'm also feeling with the current Templars book I'm working on) and there were a hell of a lot of tears over it.

It got finished though with a ton of perseverance and a hell of a lot more help and support from some very wonderful people who, if I'm entirely honest, really saved this project from becoming a dumpster fire.

This final product is one that I am so incredibly proud of. The hard work has really paid off from every single person involved, from my wonderful commissioning editor, to the artists who designed the beautiful cover, to the typesetters who had to deal with the constant edit changes, to my wonderful editor Carol. The list goes on and on and on and I could honestly be here all day and I'd still keep going.

To celebrate the release of this project I'm giving away one signed copy of The Pope's Greatest Adversary. To be in with a chance of winning, head over to this facebook post (and please do drop a like if you can too!) and follow the instructions.

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