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Updates, Updates, Updates

Goodness, its been a while since I last updated here. There's been so much going on I suppose blogging has just fallen by the wayside - so what, precisely, have I been up to?

The Most Maligned Women in History

I've been thoroughly enjoying getting stuck into this one - the first draft of the Lucrezia Borgia chapter is finished and I've thrown myself into researching and writing about different women throughout history who have a rather nasty reputation. Whether these reputations are deserved or not is something I'll be going into in the book. A good chunk pf a chapter on Elizabeth Bathory has been written and I'm about to dive into the part of her life that most have come to associate with mass murder and vampirism. One woman I've found myself utterly fascinated, and probably gotten somewhat obsessed with is Empress Wu of the Tang Dynasty. I won't go into detail but what I will say is this - holy SHIT what a badass woman.

Last in my update for this one is that I've finalised the book cover with the amazing team at Pen & Sword. It is STUNNING and I cannot wait to share it with you all.

The History of Resident Evil

I have to admit that this one has been pushed to the back burner a bit, simply because I've been concentrating on 'Maligned Women'. That doesn't mean I've entirely forgotten about it though - soon I'll be looking to interview more members of the RE community from cosplayers to podcasters, and I'm going to continue trying to reach out to voice actors and developers. One person I would LOVE to interview is the father or Survival Horror himself, Shinji Mikami. He started it all. I've been trying to organise something, reaching out via various mediums but as yet have had no joy. Will it happen? I certainly hope so - it'll be a dream come true.

Just as an aside regarding the interviews - when I first reached out to the community, particularly via facebook, I was absolutely inundated with messages from people asking to be interviewed. I just couldn't keep up and unfortunately - inevitably too, I guess - some people's messages were missed. Please remember that I am just one person dealing with all of this whilst dealing with other real life stuff too. I have had a few rather aggressive and rude messages from people evidently unhappy that I managed to miss them, and then blocked me before I could respond. Please don't be that person. Rather if you have been expecting something and I haven't gotten back to you then please do send me a nudge. I promise I don't bite.

Video Game Stuff & Streaming

In between all of the writing and research, I've been working hard on my content creation. Whether that's streaming on Twitch or creating for YouTube, it's definitely hard work. Sometimes, as with writing, I wonder if I'm good enough to be a content creator and it takes a bit for me to remember that this is a hobby and it's something I have fun doing. My main problem here is that I've set myself a goal of one day becoming Twitch partner, and to get that you have to hit a specific average viewer number - I get very disheartened when a stream doesn't go very well. It's at moments like this that I really need to remember that I enjoy streaming, and to not let it get to me. Everyone's journey with content creation is different after all.

On the subject of content creation, I've been umming and aahing about writing a book about my own journey with content creation. Thoughts?

In other gaming news, I've very kindly been given a game key for the recent release of 'Ghostwire Tokyo' which I will be playing and reviewing. Huge thanks to Bethesda Studios for the early access game key.

Other Life Stuff

I wrote in a previous post that I'd started learning Karate again, specifically the Goju Ryu (hard soft) style. I'm still loving it and have now joined the school as a full member. I'll be working towards my red belt over the next few weeks and months. I'm hoping weeks! Part of it involves being able to count to 10 in Japanese - very basic stuff, I know, but I always feel a little sense of pride when I do the count and get to 10 without much in the way of stopping to try and remember. And then there's the fitness stuff - oooooh boy, is that intense. It's only 10 sit ups and push ups for the grading but given how unfit I was before...I tell you though, the amount of those we do during a warm up means it should be easy!!!

In other news, next week I'll finally be getting a problem wisdom tooth out. It's impacted and often gets infected - I've spent the past couple of days feeling ever so squiffy and in a bit of pain so I cannot wait to get it gone!

And that's it from me for another post. I'll see you all....probably in a month or so when I remember to update again.

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