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Welcome to the family, Son.

Everyone welcome the lovely Snowball to our family. I picked this little bundle of fur up this morning from a local breeder and I am so shocked at how well he's been settling in. With our last two chinchillas, Cesare and Juan, they took a good few days to acclimatise and longer to get comfortable being around us - I think that's because we got them both from a pet store where they'd been traumatised by kids banging on the front of their cages whereas this little nugget has been hand reared.

His colourings will probably change as he gets older - it may be that the dark parts on his face get darker or that he ends up turning whiter.

Things have been a bit nuts lately, you guys, so I've not had a huge amount of time to sit down and write. I'm a good way through the Maligned Women chapter on Bathory still, but have been busy beavering away in the background to get more interviews sorted for the Resident Evil book. The next big interview is looking to be with Heidi Anderson-Swan, who voiced Jill Valentine in the remake of Resident Evil 1. I'm VERY excited about this as REmake is literally one of the greatest video games of all time.

Also, I mentioned a while back that I'd taken up Goju Ryu karate. Well, I've only gone and passed my FIRST EVER GRADING. I'm now 9th kyu, red belt. Still a lot of work to do but I'm so incredibly excited to continue on my journey with this wonderful discipline.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on Snowball and the writing. I promise I'll get more writing done soon.

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