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Which Book do I start first?! WRITE ALL THE THINGS

Okay, so technically the next two projects have both already been started but right now I'm torn between which I should really be working on. I've mentioned before that my next two projects are The Most Maligned Women in History and The History of Resident Evil - both of these projects are very close to my heart.

But I'm stuck.

I don't have writers block or anything like that. I just don't know which one I should be concentrating on first. Both projects, I think, are hugely important. Women's history in particular as so many women in history have been wrongly maligned and their stories need to be told. Despite the work of historians, so many still see Anne Boleyn as a six fingered witch; they still see Lucrezia Borgia as an incestuous poisoner; they still see Elizabeth Bathory as a vampire who bathed in the blood of her victims. I want to explore these stories - not only of the three women just mentioned, but of others all throughout history. Empress Cixi is the one I'm most excited about researching. I'm part way through a book on her at the minute and her story is absolutely fascinating. Some of the women I'll be writing about will certainly deserve their reputations, I'm sure, but the majority will have been unfairly vilified for centuries.

And then we have the History of Resident Evil. This is going to chart the history and development of the franchise and will include chapters on the community, with interviews from voice actors, writers and musicians. It will mainly concentrate on the newer games from 5 onwards, but of course any history will have to go right back to the beginning. Video game history is huge right now, and I'm absolutely blessed to be able to work on this and to have developed friendships with many in the RE community because of it.

Common sense would say to work on the one that's due first, right? But like....I want to work on them both. At the same time. I need two laptops and to learn to type with both hands or something. I wonder how many other authors have the same conundrum? Because I'll be honest....I feel like I'm being pulled every which way right now - though that might be something to do with the fact I'm feeling poorly as hell as I wait on a PCR test being delivered.

This post is a bit all over the place, isn't it? I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm so excited to be working on both of these books that I just want to write ALL THE THINGS. I need to be a bit more organised with them both - perhaps a couple of days a week on one project, and then the other.

Either way there's a lot of very exciting stuff coming up, particularly for the RE book. I've got an interview pencilled in with the composer who worked on the theme song for RE7, and the voice of Chris Redfield from REmake. I've also got a number of interviews that I need to transcribe, which is just insane to me. It blows my mind that I've been able to chat to those who have been involved in my favourite video game franchise. I'll also be organising a book Q&A over on my twitch channel at some point (I might even show you guys some speedruns too).

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