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Yearly Roundup

It's that time of year again, folks. Last night we waved goodbye to one year and ushered in a new one. 2021 was another really strange year with the ongoing pandemic, and it ended with crazy numbers thanks to the latest variant. Many didn't get through the last year thanks to COVID, we lost loved friends and loved ones. The NHS has done a fantastic job working on the front lines during this time, despite the immeasurable pressure. You guys are absolute heroes.

There have been successes too, mixed in with the difficult times. I got to see my parents this year for the first time in two years which was fantastic. I also signed on with White Owl Books to write A History of Resident Evil, my second book with Pen & Sword "The Pope's Greatest Adversary" was released and I've had the opportunity to talk to, interview and get to know many of the actors from my favourite video game franchise of all time. I've also seen an insane amount of growth with my streaming over on twitch and have made so many wonderful friends who have truly become like family.

It sounds like a bit of a cliche, but I truly believe even better things are coming in 2022. I'm aiming to get my next two books well on the way to being finished and to get involved in video game journalism. I'm also aiming for bigger and better things on twitch - with the growth I've seen of late, I know that achieving partnership over there is entirely possible. As part of the twitch journey I'm also aiming to do more charity streams and take part in more speedrunning events.

Here's to an amazing 2022, folks. Thank you all for joining me this past year. You're all fabulous.

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