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[Review] Vita: Rise & Fall (Book One) by Harry Petty & Mithun Roy

Since Perdita, an evil force that dwells deep underground, was awakened centuries ago, darkness began to spread across Vernandi. The ancient alliance between the 5 races ended. Each focused on their own lands: their own battles. Communication slowly faded, and Perdita's forces grew. A world divided is a world lost. Unification is the only way...but, it’s not all as easy as that.

Two brothers, Harry and Billy, are about to embark on an unexpected journey. Together, they must reunite a lost world, restore the peace, and reform the alliances of old. They must prove themselves to many, gain the trust of all the leaders, and truly show it’s their calling to reform the great alliance of Vernandi under one banner, under one agreement, under one peace! For a great battle is coming, and that battle determines the future of all Vernandi. But to achieve this there will be sorrow and sadness, challenge and pain, suffering and blood.

VITA book 1 “Rise And Fall” is a 41 page cover-to-cover fully coloured book and follows the childhood adventures of Harry and Billy in the small rural settlement of Richwood. Life has grown hard in Vernandi, but the brothers, as the sons of the mighty Lord Neil, still find time for mischief. All that changes when a legion of zombie-like monsters infected by a creeping purple sludge begin pounding at the gates of Richwood...

Today's review is something slightly different, and I am thrilled to present to you a brand new project from a very dear friend of mine. Vita: Rise & Fall (Book One) by Harry Petty is the first issue of a comic that promises to be an epic historical fantasy series. Petty and Roy have created a world based on that of Norse mythology, which can clearly be seen in the stunning artwork panels - Petty is a big fan of Vikings and The Last Kingdom (and does that best impression of Uhtred of Bebbanburg) and you can clearly see the influence in the art.

Vita: Rise & Fall is a semi auto-biographical story and the characters are based around those in Petty's life. Harry and Billy, the main characters, are of course based on Harry and his actual brother - yet in this world they share boyhood adventures and fights in the street, that soon twist into an epic tale of heroic deeds.

The writing mixes so well with the gorgeous artwork and you find yourself lost in the world that Petty has spent years crafting. I can't wait to see where Petty takes the story next.

Vita: Rise & Fall is currently in its funding stage on kickstarter. If you are into your historical fantasy tales, and love a comic book then please do head on over and back the project if you can. Depending on how much you pledge, you can buy specific perks including artwork prints and even a special edition!

I would like to extend a massive thank you to Harry Petty for sending me a review copy of this work.


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