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[Looking Back] An Interview with Isolda Dychauk

Back in 2013 I was lucky enough to interview the lovely Isolda Dychauk, who played Lucrezia Borgia in Canal +'s "Borgia'.

Sam Morris: First of all Isolda, thank you so much for agreeing to do to this interview for me, it’s an absolute honour to have you here. What was it that attracted you to the role of Lucrezia in Canal +’s “Borgia: Faith & Fear”? “

Isolda Dychauk: The are a lot of things I love about the interpretation of Lucrezia. First of all it is an incredible honor to breathe life into a character, who really existed  It also is a great challenge to create this amazing development from a little girl to a liberated, strong women.

SM: Before you auditioned for the role, and even after you got the role and began to prepare, what were your initial thoughts on the historical character of Lucrezia Borgia?

ID: There are a lot of rumors about the Borgia family, especially Lucrezia. Most people think of her as the wife, which poisoned her husband or as the daughter, which slept with her father and her brother. Therefore in the beginning, I was trying to find some of the the ‘good sides’ of Lucrezia.”

SM: How did you prepare to play Lucrezia? Are there any particular books that you would recommend?“

ID: To be honest, I didn’t read many books about the Borgias, partly because of all these rumors. For the first episodes my preparation has been the directions of Tom Fontana and Oliver Hirschbiegel.

SM: There are many rumours that have come down to us about the Borgia family. The one that sticks in most people’s minds is that there was a lot of incest going on between Lucrezia and the male members of her family. In the show we see these rumours taking shape – what are your thoughts on these rumours and do you think there was any truth in them?

ID: I certainly don’t think all of them are true. The Borgia has been a powerful and successful family, with many enemies. Therefore many rumors has been created only for the sake of harming them. I believe Lucrezia and Cesare had a very close relationship, I am not sure about the incest, though.

SM: What particular moment of Borgia history particularly interests you?

ID: I don’t have any particular moments which I find more interesting than others. After filming for 2 years I love more or less everything about this period of time. Even though I’m glad I don’t have to struggle with the problems they had back then…

SM: As I watch watching Season 1 of Borgia, I could tell just how close all of the cast were. What was it like working with such distinguished actors as Stanley Weber, Assumpta Serna and Marta Gastini?

ID: Working with this cast and crew has been a blessing. Each of them is wonderful in their own way. Marta and I are like sisters by now, I trust her with every thought I have, she has always the right words to help.

SM: In history, Lucrezia was described as an innocent pawn in the politics of her family. What are your thoughts on this, and how did you bring this into your portrayal of her?

ID: Season 1 is focused on Lucrezia becoming a woman, therefore there was not much politics involved. In season 2, she becomes Governor of Spoleto, which is her first step into politics. It was a huge challenge for her but she trusted her intuition and made the right decisions.

SM: If you could play any other character in history, who would you play and why?

ID: There are so many fascinating characters in history, I don’t think I can focus on just one.

SM: Are there any other projects that you’re taking part in, that we can look forward to?

ID: There are a few films coming up, after we finish filming season 3, but it’s not official yet.

SM: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. I can’t wait to see Season 2!

ID: Thanks to you, it’s been a pleasure.

Season 1 of “Borgia” is available to buy on Amazon, and Season 2 is now available to purchase from (with English audio). Please do check them out!


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