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We've Crossed the Finish Line!

That's it. It's done. The Most Maligned Women in History is now finished and the manuscript has been sent off to the team at Pen & Sword to work their magic. Of course it's not the end of the line for Maligned Women - there will be lots of edits to do, I'm sure. But for now it's nice to put the books down and just....breathe.

It also means I can start thinking about work on the next project. It's going to be a very....quiet climb. If you know, you know.

Maligned Women is expected to release around September/October next year. I'll keep you all updated with preorder links etc as soon as I have them. I'm also going to try and organise a launch party - how and where that will happen I'm not sure but again, I'll keep you all updated.

Thanks all for putting up with my radio silence while I've been working on this bad boy. You all rock.

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